Here come dat coin!

DatCoin is the official* digital currency of dat boi and other crypto bois.

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Like or Follow us on Twitter or FaceBook!  Earn 100,000 DatCoin

Like or follow and post or tweet your WAVES Address on our page for 100,000 DatCoin.  More info on creating a WAVES wallet at 

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Earn DatCoin

Earning DatCoin is Easy.  Step 1,  Make something orignal, Youtube video, painting, digital art of any kind, even a dank meme would suffice.  Step 2, post it to social media and tag DatCoin.  Step 3, Receive DatCoin.  It's that simple!

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*Not actually the official currency of online content creators.  More like a crypto that transcends upvotes. Definitely the official currency of dat boi and other crypto bois.

o shit, waddup.