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Be Prepared!

Token sale starts after the giveaway.  Create your WAVES wallet now.  More information can be found at

Before ordering DatCoin, create a WAVES wallet.  More information can be found on our wallet page

DatCoin also trades on the WAVES Platform. Whether you're an expert on digital trading, or a newcomer, we'll help set you up with some of that sweet, sweet DatCoin.

If you don't have a waves Wallet

  1. Create a Waves wallet. It takes literally less than one minute and it's pretty painless at
  2. Purchase the smallest amount of WAVES tokens as physically possible (We recommend about .1to get started).  The waves platform can support multiple tokens, similar to the Ethereum network, however all transaction fees must be paid using WAVES. The Waves Platform requires the buyer to spend .003 WAVES per purchase as a transaction fee, which comes out to about $0.05 in American fiat.  Personally we recommend purchasing either Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum via Coinbase, then transfering your crypto to your WAVES wallet and purchasing WAVES via their decentralized exchange.  Note: if you are not new to the crypto scene, any method you choose is just fine for putting WAVES into your wallet.
  3. Quick links and summary
  • Create WAVES wallet
  • Buy new crypto at Coinbase and send to your WAVES wallet.
  • Purchase about .1 in WAVES using the WAVES decentralized exchange

Once you have a waves Wallet

  1. From your WAVES dashboard, navigate to the DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  2. Select your crypto currency of choice, at the top that you will use to purchase DatCoin, at the moment there are open orders for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
  3. For now, until we gain some steam DatCoin is an unverified asset on the WAVES blockchain.  No more or less legitimate, just not easily searchable (yet).  To locate DatCoin, copy and paste the token identifier below into the search bar opposite your preferred cryptocurrency.


Yes, it's weird, but it's how you have to find us, since we're currently unverified. But we're working on it.

And congratulations!  You found DatCoin!  There are orders open for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.  Now go ahead and let your friends know, here come dat coin!