Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Is DatCoin its own cryptocurrency?

A.  No, DatCoin is a token or asset on the WAVES Blockchain.  Similar to the way the Ethereum network has 1000s of token smart contracts for well-known tokens such as EOS and OmiseGo.


Q.  Why did you choose to use the WAVES blockchain?

A.  That's easy, WAVES has the infrastructure in place required to run DatCoin.  We're not trying to revolutionize blockchain technology or tokenize something for which there is already a solution.  DatCoin Transfers take about 5 seconds (unlike hours for bitcoin) and there is a secure web wallet and desktop wallet as well as iOS and Android apps that can handle any WAVES asset, including DatCoin.


Q.  If DatCoin is supposed to be given away, why are you selling it?

A.  That is correct, in its purest form DatCoin should be given away.  However while we get off the ground, charging an incredibly small fee for DatCoin ensures people give it a second thought and regard it as more than a worthless handout.


Q.  On which exchanges is DatCoin listed?

A.  Right now DatCoin is listed on the WAVES Decentralized Exchange, Identifier: H9PsUpYyRg4DY51jMBsMFzNqgEZ82CTrQ77HCiqbassN.  Currently there are sell orders open for Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum. 


Q. Which kind of token is DatCoin; Utility, Security, Equity?

A. Neither.  If anything it's a gratuity token or a voting token, both of which we just made up.  We do not promise or even hint at going to the moon especially not in a Lambo.  One DatCoin will always equal one DatCoin


Q.  Is DatCoin just another shitcoin?

A. Yes, however all tokens and cryptocurrencies started out as shitcoins.  Let's not forget about the 10,000 Bitcoins used to pay for a Pizza in 2010.  More importantly DatCoin is NOT a Bullshitcoin.  Meaning if you purchase DatCoin you will actually receive DatCoin.