Ways to get Free DatCoin


If you use Reddit, you're in luck. Every week, we'll find some of the top posts in our favorite subreddits, and give the creators of those posts Datcoin equivalent to the number of upvotes they each received. We want to encourage a vibrant and engaged online community.  And we want to get DatCoin out there so people will start trading it.

Let us sponsor you

Do you make videos on Youtube or Vimeo? Do you have a podcast? Would you like to get paid in DatCoin? Send an email to sponsor@herecomedatcoin.com

We'll be happy to transfer tons of DatCoin to your video or podcast.  All we ask in return is that you let your loyal listeners know about DatCoin.

Images and any other form of art

Art, man. It's pretty good. We consistently peruse Deviantart, Instagram, and any site that hosts art or artistic and creative cartoons, photography, videos, interpretive dance, anything!  Tag DatCoin in the image description and we'll find it. If we like your work we'll send you some DatCoin.