Our Team

Our highly specialized team of guys who like to cruise the internet and really really want there to be an incentive for not just more but more creative content.

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Navy Veteran serving aboard multiple surface ships as an operations specialist.  If you don't know what an operations specialist does, watch a few episodes of Star Trek TNG and pay close attention to Worf.  Adam is a huge fan of online artists and performers and has invested himself in bringing to fruition a reward system that transcends upvotes and likes.



Another Navy veteran who spent too many hours underwater in a submarine.  He sure does wish there was someone rewarding creative and original content when he should have been paying attention on watch all those years.

waddup !


Dat Boi

Born on the internet himself.  How has a frog doing sweet unicycle tricks helped us develop DatCoin, you might ask.  A secret not well kept, is that there is a missing link somewhere between some one saying "here come dat boi" and a frog doing sweet tricks on a unicycle.  His unknown backstory makes him a self-made meme the same way we hope all the youtubers and deviant artists become self-made themselves.