Our Mission

DatCoin exists to reward creative and original content online. We give DatCoin to content creators on sites such as Deviantart, Reddit, Youtube, Flickr, and any site with an active creative community. Also it doesn't hurt to line the digital pockets of otherwise starving artists and performers*

It is not our mission for Datcoin to be hoarded by whales.  It's meant to be a way to reward and show gratitude for the people who go out of their way to provide art entertainment outside their regular 9-5

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DatCoin is the greatest currency to have ever existed in the entirety of human civilization.
— Dattimus Boinevich, Founder of DatCoin

Our accomplishments

  • Created DatCoin on the WAVES Blockchain
  • Awarded 100,000 DatCoin to content creators and performers.

*No artists or performers actually starved in the making or distribution of DatCoin.